Project Management is the Cornerstone of our Business Model
Many projects are staffed with qualified resources that have the technical skills to complete the project.  What many of these resources lack is the fundamental knowledge of project management that gets results.  Every associate provided by EWC has a firm understanding of the Project Management Institute's globally recognized PMBOK Methodology.

Change Happens

Does your current project manager make the statement: "We've done this many times at other clients, and we've learned from those mistakes." Assuming that your business is identical in every facet to others, this statement would be valid. Is It?

The reality is that you work hard to deliver value and differentiate yourself within the business community. This is why you should expect to have an individual approach to your business model. That is the value delivered by EWC.

Balance - the Key to a Successful Consultant

Full value is driven by technical experts that deliver solutions through hard work, honesty and professionalism. EWC consultants use industry standards and best technical practices to deliver quality. The ability to apply industry best practices tailored to your specific business need will ensure optimal solution design.

The Project Management Institute

PMI has long been acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of project management and the industry benchmark for a truly global community. With more than 200,000 professionals, representing 125 countries, PMI has set the standard of project excellent with the training, definitions and procedures included in the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK).

The Importance of Diversity

The majority of EWC professionals have project experience in both public and private sectors. Professionals with diverse project backgrounds provide cross industry experience in problem solving, corporate culture understanding, leadership and advanced communication skills.
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